Career Fulfilment Coaching

Because you are great at what you do. You work hard. You put down good results. And you get even great feedback. To the people around you, you are just doing great!

But you don’t feel great. Something is missing. You feel a discrepancy between how you are perceived and how you feel deep inside.

In essence, you feel demotivated, empty, without joy or passion. You’ve lost touch with your energy flow, not too sure any more about what you enjoy and what you don’t and why. You feel desynchronised with your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Actually, dissatisfied and deeply frustrated.

It is time to listen to that little voice inside of you, whispering: Is this what you want?

You want to feel the excitement in your work. You want to get up in the morning, looking forward to the challenges and events ahead and enjoy a deep sense of career satisfaction. You want to feel aligned with your talents, values and purpose.

It’s time to take action and build a life of which you are proud – a life worth living. Because it can be so much better than this!

You know it is time to take action, now. Because before you know it, it is some holiday period again. Which means another year has gone by!

Don’t let some of the best years of your career drift by. Life is too short for a career that doesn’t love you back.

Take action to get (back) to a career you love!

What you need now is clarity, connection with yourself, strategy and action.

And the trusted thinking partner to support you.

Authentic Leadership

You’re being asked to develop/improve your leadership. Or you simply feel the need to develop your leadership. You are ready to lead and show up.

You have attended workshops on leadership styles and read books on the subject. And now you need to apply your lessons.

Driven as you are, you try things out but it is not an easy road. And it is slower than you’d like it to go. Sometimes, if not regularly, you don’t have ‘time to reflect’ too much. Other important things take up your attention and energy.

And yet, you know it is time to get intentional about leading inside out. Get in touch with your inner leadership, discover your leadership style and develop that.

You are unique, and you’ll develop your way at approaching a problem, your team, taking decision, according to your personal sauce: your talents, your values, your personality, your purpose.

Authentic leadership is about getting in touch what’s deep inside you and bring that out into the world to make the impact you are meant to have.

It’s time to give yourself that time to reflect which allows you to take action in line with who you are.

Grow your authentic leadership. Start today.

What you need now is connection with yourself, strategy and action.

And the trusted thinking partner to support you.

Coaching Fees

Your investment is anything between €900 and €3,900 for a 3 to 12 month coaching programme tailored perfectly to you and your goals, whatever they may be.

Fees vary based on the length of the programme, frequency of sessions, logistics and any special requirements.

Most importantly, fees will reflect the content and objectives you bring to coaching.

Because in the end, whilst I am committed to deliver enormous value for you, what you’re really paying for is the opportunity to unlock your highest possible potential.

So your best self needs to be fully invested. I know I will be.

It’s a dance between our best selves!

Our initial Discovery Call is where we will unpack your potential and co-create your programme.

On that call, you’ll also hear about the significant added extras, flexibility and guarantees that come with my coaching offer and have the opportunity to ask any final questions before you take your decision to move forward.

This is deep, transformational work. Therefore I only work with individuals ready to make an unwavering commitment and willing to strike a powerful agreement – with themselves.

I want our work together to be a challenge, investment and commitment. Aside from your fees, it’s that personal investment that’s really required to achieve your goals.

Ready to get to work designing the perfect coaching programme for you?