Time to Thrive

The group coaching programme helping you be confident and resilient!

Leading in the midst of uncertainty, growing demands and fast-paced changes, combined with juggling your different priorities, is increasingly challenging.

This is taking a toll on you. And you realise you are just surviving.

When you are just surviving


You constantly
doubt yourself


You are exhausted
and stressed


You achieve your results without joy

And you feel this is costing you a lot on all fronts – work, relationships and even health.

You don’t want to be in this situation, trying to survive, when there is a proven programme which will help you navigate challenges with a positive mindset.

Time to Thrive is a 12 week programme for professionals and business owners who want to regain their confidence, become resilient and learn to navigate challenges with calm and focus. They want to thrive – and show their team how to do that too.

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In Time to Thrive, you’ll…


Learn how to develop your mental fitness in order to thrive.

Get access to the highly rated Positive Intelligence programme and beyond, where you’ll develop micro-skills designed to develop a positive mindset.

You’ll learn to intercept your inner critics, put yourself back in control and tap into your inner strengths.


Start seeing results right away.

Each week in the Time to Thrive programme brings you new insights which you will practice daily. The combination of insights and practice is crucial for you to achieve a new mindset. After you finish you will have mastered skills which will help you step into your power – and stay there.


Learn from a community of growth minded professionals and leaders.

Through the Time to Thrive programme, you’ll join a small group of peers you’ll connect with, learn from, and share best practices with.

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What you get in

Time to Thrive


Access to the Positive Intelligence Programme to retrain your brain.


Thriving entails cultivating resilience, fostering confidence and staying calm when confronted with challenges. This requires reprogramming your brain. To start with, you’ll go through a 6-week programme with a one-hour weekly video to watch to understand how you can change your mindset and use the daily app-guided practices to boost your resilience and thriving mindset. You’ll retain access to the App for another 3 months after that to strengthen your new mental muscles.


Weekly Pod Calls with Ilse


Have you been part of masterminds where you felt like you were the only one dealing with doubt? That’s why we’ll have weekly calls under my guidance to share experience, discuss questions and doubts, strengthen your learning and your new mindset.

These weekly pod calls will be held on Tuesday or Wednesday at 1 pm CET depending on the cohort. However, if inconvenient for a participant, we will find a suitable time for all as the group is small.



Access to Time to Thrive community.


Through a WhatsApp group, you’ll stay in touch with like-minded professionals joining you on the mental fitness quest in between the pod calls during the whole 12 weeks. This is a great way to reinforce your learning and increases your success. 


One-on-One Coaching Session


You’ll have one individual coaching session at the end of the programme to help you with any personal challenge you might have.

Please note: a VIP version of Time to Thrive includes an additional 3 coaching sessions. Contact me for details.

These sessions will be scheduled with Ilse at a convenient time.

Cultivating a thriving mindset is within your power.

How it works

Join Time to Thrive

Learn to rewire your brain

Become that confident professional who is ready to thrive

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Testimonials from previous participants


Thanks to this programme, I handle uncertainty in a calmer way. My critical self- voice turned down. The program provides an easy tool, which is a life changing experience.

Program Advisor, World Bank Group

My biggest take-away is allowing myself to be as I am and accepting imperfections while celebrating the unique human being I am. To anyone considering this programme: You are offering yourself and your loved ones a great gift.

Head of Unit, International Organisation for Migration

This programme helped me maintain my own balance in a difficult professional moment by making me focus on my own mental well being as the main and most solid factor for success. Staying focused on my values and confidence, exchanging with others and all exercises and mental routines together helped me focus on my strengths and put into perspective the behaviours of others as well as my own.

Manager Adaptation Division, United Nations

How is Time to Thrive different from my other programmes?


This programme is focused on developing a positive mindset,
leveraging the energy and wisdom from peers.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have developed the ability to remain calm and clearheaded, even in challenging moments, and will


Take laser-focused actions, supporting your goals.


Find ease in your work getting more done in less time.


Find increased joy and gratitude in your life.


Have developed habits to ensure your lasting positive mindset.

Time to Thrive includes:


Access to the 6-week PQ program (995€ value)


12 Group calls (1200€ value)


Your individual coaching sessions (300€ value)


Access to the PQ App for additional 3 months (120€ value)

Total Value 2615€

The next cohort starts

the week of May 20th, 2024.

(We’ll take a break the whole month of August)

Two ways to get Time to Thrive

3 Monthly Payments of

€ 465

(VAT included)

One Time Payment of

€ 1270

(VAT included)

Money-back guarantee

If you have done the work and you feel you haven’t learned anything – you get your money back.


When are the weekly pod calls?

We would have the calls on Tuesday or Wednesday at 1 pm CET (depending on the cohort). However, if inconvenient for a participant, we will be able to find a time suitable for all as the group is small.

How big is the group?

We keep it to a maximum of 8 people. Big enough to learn from each other and small enough to feel safe.

Will it work for me?

If you do the work, if you want to change, this will work for you. The programme has proven to work for +500,000 professionals, including many CEOs. Why not for you?