“When you are a strong self made woman, that you know your strengths and your weaknesses, and that you are very challenging, it is difficult to find someone who is willing to work with you to make you grow. Ilse is that person. I am going to paraphrase Tom Laundry to describe Ilse : She is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be. She knows what makes you tick and use it to make you react even if this is not what she was expecting. She questions herself to challenge you and make you see what she sees. She is a gift.” 

Dr Audrey-Flore Ngomsik CEO Trianon Scientific Communication

“I have worked with Ilse along 2019 to review my career options, plan my next professional steps and discuss about my purpose and preferences. The thing I enjoyed the most from the coach from Ilse was her wide experience in providing different tools to reach deep discussions and identify alternatives for my next career steps. Despite your career stage, you can benefit strongly from a coach and I definitely recommend Ilse to coach you for deep thoughts and fulfilling opportunities.

Mark Wormser CMO Pharmaceutical sector

“I have worked together with Ilse for the past year. She has been an enormous help to me and is fantastic at what she does. She sees and understands both my strengths and weaknesses and she has the right level of empathy to ask the right questions leading to many an “Aha” moment. We have gotten to know each other and I know that she understands my gifts and has a clear handle on the potential opportunities that I may not see so clearly myself. She offers me support, motivation, direction and energy.”

Cathriona McIntyre

“I have been so lucky to have Ilse as a coach for a mental fitness program and as a friend in the past year. During this period Ilse has challenged and supported me in a way that really drove my self awareness, reflection and development journey forward. If you have decided to take action on specific topics in your life however feel it is hard to make progress, or need a sparring partner for your own life journey, Ilse is a coach who can challenge and support you, hold you accountable and celebrate your wins.

Emanuele Mazzanti

“As a 53 year old I felt my whole life had hit a wall, I simply could not see further than the tip of my nose, I felt at a cross roads in all ways but one and did not feel any energy/strength to renew any part of it. The whole world seemed grey, colourless and flavourless. But I felt a great urge to move, to break this down, to open up.
Ilse came to give a talk to parents at my son’s school, and I felt inspired, by her words and her way of being too. I felt there is a woman in her element, not seeking left, right and center, she is focused and interesting and moreover I could understand her language, a language of the minds/heart. This gave me a huge desire to start sessions with Ilse.
The coaching programme for me was primarily a career coaching, but of course, one is whole as a person, one part touches all other parts! So although I started on this journey for my work, this affected the whole of me! A new vision, a new taste for life started coming almost at the beginning of the sessions. A recognition of who I am, my strengths and my weaknesses were a bit wake up call and very exciting to feel alive again!
Of course, when one’s attitude changes, people around us feel a new enthusiasm and with this new doors open and so it did with my career which had gone to sleep!
Thank you Ilse

Charlotte Vyvyan-Robinson

On my workshop “How to use your Talents to Master your Fears” (March 2015): “Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with our community of women entrepreneurs. It was of great interest to all, and through the interactivity and practical examples you gave, the participants learnt a lot about themselves, how to identify and foster their talents and how to deal with the “life companion”: Mr. Saboteur to prevent and/or work with their own fears.
I hope this workshop was also rewarding for you and we count on having more opportunities to have you on board and promote your excellent work.”

Maria-Jose Amich
Founder and President Womenwinwin

“When I started this (career coaching) program with Ilse I was STUCK in my life. Professionally but also personally. I wanted to move on, to find a work that would make me happy and financially independent but I felt I had this thick big stone wall in front of me and no hope of moving ahead. No idea what to do, how to start. And I felt like I would never be able to work again, or at least not with a sense of motivation and excitement.

When I attended Ilse’s workshop about children’s talent, I thought she might be able to help me find out what talents I had that I could use. When I read in her ebook about life purpose, I knew I needed to do something with her: that was exactly what I was looking for.
And I am so glad I did ! I have not finished my work with Ilse but now there are big cracks on that wall and I can see the light. My life is flowing again, I have a horizon, a perspective and a path. I have hope and very practical, functional steps for my journey.”

Mafalda Saiyad

“I want to thank Ilse for the workshop “Turning YOUR Talents into YOUR Personal Brand”.

It gave me a much more accurate knowledge and understanding of myself. Now, I understand the interaction between all my talents in my daily life, especially in relation to the energy drainers. This was a real “Ha-ha moment”!
As a result, I am in the process of creating a new mission and vision based on my talents, with much more confidence and also with a great feeling of relief…. “Now, I know!”
And it’s amazing to realize that my talents were there all the time, but being who we are is so natural to us that it is difficult to pin point them.
Again, thank you very much!”

Ivone Sousa

“I did a CoreTalents analysis back in 2012 but continue to enjoy its benefits today, four years later. Initially, the analysis helped me reorient myself on the job market according to my talents, rather than my experience alone. Ilse coached me through this process in a very professional way, widening my horizons and enhancing my self-knowledge. I gained a clear picture of my intrinsic motivations, drives and needs. This increased my self-confidence and tuned me to find a job that is at once interesting, challenging and satisfying.

Understanding my talents helps me tremendously in my current position as head of a department, and also generally in my relation with people around me, business partners, family and friends. It has also turned out to be valuable in understanding and guiding my two young children.” 

Birgit Reinbold
Head of Study Programs Office, Munich School of Engineering, Technical University Munich

“Ilse Noppen’s workshop on “Children and their Talents and Strengths” at my daughters school was one of those rare occasions where I felt that I am listening to somebody who truly not only believes in, but actually lives by her convictions. It was obvious to me that Ilse has found her true passion and I can easily see how she in a one-to-one forum could quite successfully help others on the pursuit of their particular talents and thus true happiness in life. Ilse’s belief in the child, it’s inner talents and uniqueness in my eyes makes her ideal to reach further into the upbringing of our youth by engaging more parents to allow these talents to be explored. Being inspired by Ilse made me immediately want to explore both my own and my daughters inner strengths deeper.”

Helena R. Silverup

“I decided to invest in a life coaching program after a difficult period in my life. I felt completely lost and my self-esteem was almost non-existent after a painful breakup and then losing my job. Although I’m usually a determined and self-learning person, this time I felt the need to ask for help to find motivation and get back on the right track again.

I knew Ilse Noppen from a workshop session that she had organized, and I knew she could help me gain strength and confidence again. Her coaching program was definitely the best decision I made to achieve this. Through exercises, emotional analysis and weekly projects, she guided me to be the best version of myself and helped me to reach my personal objectives during the program and to set future ones to work on after coaching. I strongly recommend life coaching for people who need to refocus on themselves or need help to find their purpose. The program definitely renews you and I thank you Ilse for that!”

Charline DC

“As part of the follow up to Work Experience, we welcomed Ilse Noppen from True North Consulting. Ilse headed a seminar with Year 10 students, helping them to identify their talents and then explore ways of expanding their use of those talents. Everyone in the class identified at least one significant talent that they utilised in their work experience. They were amazed to discover how they could utilise those particular talents in different context both in and out of school. Thank you to Ilse for taking the time to work with our students.”

Elizabeth Viana
Head of Senior School, International School of the Algarve

 “I met Ilse Noppen at the “Women & Success Conference” that took place on December 7th (2013) at the Hilton Hotel in Vilamoura. Her workshop, “Turning our Unique Talents into a Personal Brand”, had the greatest impact of any workshop that I have ever attended. Only twenty minutes into the presentation, I realized that her message would change my career. Suddenly the pieces of the puzzle that I had gathered over the past few months formed a great picture that made sense. She had given them a structure so that I recognized what my passion is, what my life’s purpose is and what kind of a NICHE will be most receptive to what I have to offer so that my talents can be of service. She showed us what the different elements that make up our personal brand are and how we can use them to project the image of who we are. I came home and started to write my concept, my Website and I have not stopped working passionately on my project since then. I thank you so much for having given me the space to become conscious of my worth, my values and my talents so that I can get out of the closet and become visible to the world. Thank you so much.”

Tadmora Simkins
Counselling People with Handicap to Live a Fulfilled Passionate Life

“Thanks to Ilse’s coaching, I gained a better understanding of why some of the challenges in my professional life remain difficult… or rather remained. Thanks to a deeper understanding of my talents, I can place those challenges better and they now give me substantially less stress. I also learned that goals can also be achieved by using different coretalents, allowing me to avoid energy drainers as much as possible. Regarding the pressure others try to put on me, I have learned, and now know for sure, that I and only I determine the pace and where possible the timing in my life. It is really not wrong to not take an incoming telephone call! Finally, breathe and keep breathing, whatever the situation. You need that oxygen!
Great work Ilse, I have grown a lot again. Thank you!”

Koen Van Hees
Regional Directeur Franchising, Carrefour

 “I like to recommend Ilse as a truly inspiring, authentic and emphatic coach! She helped me a lot in reaffirming my path, reconnecting to a more courageous and wise version of myself that sometimes likes to hide behind saboteurs and worries. I got out a lot from each session and felt uplifted and inspired afterwards.”

Martina Reinbold

“I have worked with Ilse, on and off, for the past 2 years. Making massive changes in my life left me somewhat without direction – without North as we say in Portugal. I felt the call to find my core talents, what my soul is made of and not what is expected of me by peers and society. My work with Ilse is a valuable tool, enabling me to go deeper and tap into my self. I am very happy that I decided to embrace the challenge! Thank you Ilse!”

Daniela Mertens

 “Ilse has worked with me to bring out my genuine interests and innate talents in relation to my work and life goals. This has been a very valuable way to develop concrete objectives relating to how I would like to work and it has also enabled me to enjoy and appreciate my present job by focusing on my personal interests and strengths. Ilse has also encouraged and supported me in making new experienced contacts to help me to be informed in the choices I make and to encourage idealistic and also realistic reflections on the options available!”

Ronald MacDonald Gilies