An unusual stock taking time

A New Year following a very unusual year. Time for reflection right? Reflection about the past year – to take along into the unfolding year. 

Covid has made 2020 a challenging year. Challenges are opportunities to grow, to learn, about ourselves and others, about what we value. 

As a result, the New Year conversations this year are somewhat different. What matters is not so much what we have done or want to do. The focus is different this year: it’s almost exclusively about our Be-ing. And I love that topic. 

While I yearly reflect on what I have done, I spend a lot of time in the Be-ing area. My favourite questions are: What has your inner journey been this year? What have you grown aware of? What have you learned about yourself- through your failures, your successes, through how you navigated the confinements this year? What are you grateful for? What do you want to let go of?

Be-ing is really our essence. That is what we need to nourish, expand, strengthen. That is what gives us direction and courage to create the life we want, to play our bigger inner game. It’s like the roots of a tree that grow stronger every year. A tree without strong roots is not likely to survive the many storms of life. So let’s nurture and strengthen our roots.