“You are doing pretty good, you have a good reputation. If you venture on a new path and fail, it will be humiliating! Don’t mess up your equilibrium!”

“Just explore this. And this. And this. Oh and that might also be interesting! Take your time to explore.” 

“You don’t have what it takes. You’ll never be that leader you are dreaming of being. That’s not you!”

We are amazing storytellers when it comes to telling ourselves stories justifying why we shouldn’t go for what we really want.

There you are, having a great list of achievements, getting recognition for your work, but something is off. 

You want something more – leading in a more authentic way; feeling fully yourself in your (new) role; creating value for others in line with who you are; going for the next level or taking on a new challenge. 

Yet, you are not giving too much attention to that yearning. Something is holding you back. 

Those £%$ saboteur voices! They’ll say anything to keep your mind away from what you really want.

It’s easy to stay where you are, to settle where you are.

But is it worth it? Is that what you want? 

Change is tough. No denying. But Rome wasn”t built in one day. So take your change one step at a time. Even a small one can make a huge difference.

Take a step – today

Let’s get you a notch closer to where you’d like to be. No need to know your destination at this point, just start a new, bolder journey. 

This is my invitation.

📣First label that self-sabotaging voice as a lie. Because that is what it is – a plain and simple lie. Label it as such – with conviction.

💠Next, shift your attention to a physical sensation. It could be your breathing: take a few deep breaths then follow your natural breathing rhythm concentrating on the rising and falling of your chest or stomach. 

You could also go outside and listen to nature. As I write this, I hear birds singing. Actually listening to them I hear so many different songs! Amazing! It immediately has a calming effect on me.

If you are tired, move your body! Put on one of your favorite songs and move your body to the rhythm of the music. Take in the rhythm and move. Ignore the words but rather feel into the music. Or go for a brisk walk concentrating on the sensation of your feet. Feel the bottom of your feet on whatever surface they’re on as you walk. Feel the muscles in your legs.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll notice an internal shift. These movements have been proven to quieten the regions of the brain that fuel your saboteurs and therefore you’ll have access to your wiser self including big picture thinking and creativity.

🔥 Now, here is a challenge for you. Decide on one bold request you are going to make or one bold action to take. 

Here are the rules: 1) Be bold, stretch yourself; 2) Be specific, articulate what you want exactly; 3) Be authentic, let it come from the heart; 4) Be time-bound (it should be something you’ll do today, if not right now; not next week); 5) Be detached from the outcome, whether you get a yes or a no is irrelevant. 

Don’t overthink this. It could be reaching out to someone you admire for a chat. Singing or dancing on the street – and inviting others (I’ll join 😉). Making a video with a message you’d like to send out into the world. Just get down to it. And while we are at it – take at least 3 bold actions. And remember if you get a no as a response to a request, that’s ok!

You might think: what does this have to do with my professional development? 

The action or request in se probably nothing. However, it will stretch your comfort zone, get your creativity flowing, give you new ideas of how to make the change you want, and open your eyes to new options. It will help you develop a positive mindset – see opportunities and possibilities rather than problems and blockages.

What looks scary or impossible today, will look like a game tomorrow! I’ve done it and keep it in mind whenever I feel stuck or numbed. It instills the courage you need to make the change you want.

One of my core beliefs: Don’t survive. Thrive! Living a life aligned with who you are, allows you to thrive! Shake yourself up and start today.

What bold action are you going to take? Please share in the comments or send me a DM.